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Security gates

Are you looking for security gates? Look at industrial Nylofor swing gates. Their installation is recommended in places where industrial security and safety is crucial, such as factories, administrative centres, public buildings, playgrounds and sportsites, schools, parks, airports and military areas. Suitable to be used with Nylofor 2D/2D Super fences.

Gate description

Massive construction

All parts of swing gates by Betafence are of massive construction: a frame, Nylofor panels and a post system.

Most effective construction

Locking system provide the most effective construction and easy installation.

Adjustable hinges

The hinges are adjustable and allow each leaf to swing through 180°.

High quality coating

Nylofor swing gates are coated with the best coating which is currently on the market.

Fast installation

Nylofor swing gates have been designed for fast installation, require minimum accessories.